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Thrive - Who Are We?

Thrive provides support and guidance to school districts for all of their HR needs.  We provide sound structures, foundations, compliance, and preparation for current and future needs.  

Who we are and what we are about

Every educator chooses education because of their desire to make an impact on kids lives, through student growth and achievement.  The greatest resource a district has in making this work possible is their staff.  Thrive HR K12 Solutions can assist with the following:

  • Maximizing Human Capital

  • Aligning with Vision, Mission, Goals, Continuous School Improvement Plan

  • Employee Engagement and Workplace Culture

  • Supporting District Staff and Administration

  • Develop and Improving HR Processes and Systems - that are defendable, easy to execute and results oriented

  • Providing Personal and Professional Growth Opportunities - to all staff to improve organizational effectiveness


How are we different?

We have experience in schools, running HR departments, and knowing the value of administrator and staff input. We know what will work and what steps are needed to get there. We focus on results and develop strategies for communication and implementation.

Who could use us?​

We offer a variety of services, pricing options, and are flexible with the needs of each individual district. We recognize the increased needs in districts around HR systems, policy, and compliance. We help districts navigate their processes and develop structures to free up time and focus on student achievement.  Whether it's looking at current systems for efficiency or from a liability lens, we can help!


Meet the team

Meet our team of qualified and accredited staff. Our team provides a strong base of experience in both education and HR. Read more about our team below.

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