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Audit Review

Do you want to assess the health of your culture, district, leadership or even the processes and systems that are in place? There are many tools we can use to identify needs within your district and help you approach needs or concerns from objective information.

Culture Audit (department, position or district)

Do you have an area within your district with new administration, high turnover, or that you are receiving complaints or concerns about?  We can help do a 360 evaluation or individualized focused interviews and develop a report to identify key issues and concerns.  We will also supply recommendations and strategies moving forward.  This will allow you as an organization to assess if there is relative or immediate concern and how to approach those needs.

Process Audit (review HR processes for consistency, clarity and efficiency)

We offer an HR audit or other departmental process audits.  We will walk through your current department or project and ask key questions and pull data.  We will then take all of our findings and create a report on key areas, with some recommendations.  We will then work with you to determine the immediacy of those recommendations and the priorities that the district wants to focus on.  Then from there, we can develop an implementation strategy and work through the areas of improvement.

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