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Recruiting, Hiring and Retention...Oh My! We will walk through all paths of the hiring, recruitment and retention process with each district to individualize needs and ensure that consistent communication and processes are implemented.

Change Management

Are you staffing for your current needs based on what you have always done, or are you looking at the bigger picture of what your current needs and projected needs are?  Education has changed a lot.  Whether there are additional interventions, behavior support, mental health supports, SPED supports, the landscape has changed.  Before filling positions, take a true analysis of what is needed, how you will determine if that role is a success and mapping out future needs and budgetary impact.

Grow Your Own Program

Whether you are looking at creating an internal pipe-line of teachers to help fill overall district needs or you are looking at a recruitment and retention issue.  We can help develop a process, look at supports, make recommendations and projects for future needs.

Hiring Manual

We can develop a complete hiring manual for all levels of employment throughout your district.  We will start by identifying your current processes and then walk with you through the budget approval, posting/advertising, interviewing, panel selection, notes/documentation and recommendation to hire process.  If you have wanted to shore up your hiring processes and communicate with your stakeholders but have not found the time, we can assist with that.  This is often an opportunity to create a legally sound foundation of your hiring processes to mitigate future risk and financial impact.


You may need help in one particular area of hiring.  Whether it is drafting interview questions, approaching documentation, looking at your panel and ensuring that it is representative of your district needs and goals, we can assist.  We can also look at your processes for onboarding and look for efficiencies to help create a more streamlined, user-friendly process for your stakeholders and new employees onboarding to the district.

Job Descriptions

Are your job descriptions up to date?  You need to ensure your job descriptions are entirely reflective on the essential functions and needs of the job.  This includes the minimum requirement, preferred requirements and educational/certification requirements.  Litigation regarding hiring processes are on the rise and job descriptions are the first line of defense to ensure that you are legally compliant and consistent with your process.  We can help.

Job Mapping

Want to look at work efficiency with your staff?  Oftentimes processes are duplicated or individual time and skills are not maximized for the jobs that are needed in your organization.  This can lead to the assumption of an additional FTE add or multiple adds.  Sometimes it’s a matter of taking inventory, learning processes and then looking at the most efficient routes.  

Organizational Development

Where is your organization at in terms of leadership and your core team?  Planning for organizational development at its root is not difficult.  You look at what you need and can envision what your projections will be.  However, doing this within the constraints of a budget, time, and looking at individuals in roles with deliberate skill sets and training, it can often be a unique puzzle to put together.  Let us help you navigate this work and walk you through the process.

Position Control/FTE Management

Tying your budget to your FTE decisions, tracking, monitoring, position creation and directly to staff can help solidify and clean-up your budgeting process.  However, it also allows you to take an easier inventory of what you currently have, how you are utilizing positions, and what the overall cost is.  It also allows you to look at comparative districts to determine where your money is being spent and if you are yielding the intended results.


If you need ideas, personnel, or processes to help with your recruitment needs, we can assist.  Whether hiring for teaching positions, support staff, or other roles, hiring and recruitment right now can be difficult.  We can help work through your current process and what resources you are utilizing and help implement and recruit for your district.

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