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We offer consulting services for projects, audits, manuals, or for as needed issues as they develop.  Whether you have needs relating to developing Processes and Systems, Staffing, Training/Coaching, Audit Review or many other areas of need, we can help.  We have services we can provide either by the hour, for an overall project or on a retainer basis.  With all of the services listed, we can also help with many other items including what's below.

Benefits Administration

We can provide guidance and a unique lens whether you use an insurer or are self-insured.  Are you currently using a broker?  What benefits are you providing and what is attracting and retaining your staff?  Where is your money best spent?  We can walk through this with you.

District Representation – Collective Bargaining

We have experience serving as the district spokesperson for collective bargaining with a teachers union, custodial union and parent as teachers union.  We can provide tips and tricks and overall guidance as you set up your structures and develop communication and structures to provide foundational support.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee assistance programs can provide a wealth of benefits for your employees.  Navigating the different options involved and looking at cost benefit can be an overwhelming and time exhaustive task.  Allow us to help.

Vendor Review and Assessment for Efficiency

There are many tasks within HR that can be redundant, that are not always transparent, and also appear to your stakeholders as muddy or overinvolved.  We can help look at your processes and make recommendations for various vendors or electronic supports that may allow you to save FTE costs through attrition or increase efficiency.  We have a lot of experience in bidding out various vendors, working together to align systems and processes and enhancing communication for our stakeholders.

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